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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at ACP. In addition to supporting policies that advance America’s clean energy economy, ACP also focuses on reducing our own operational impact on the environment and encourages staff to use best practices to promote sustainability in their personal lives.


ACP’s office space includes low-flow fixtures that reduce water use by 30%.


While updating our office, we diverted 88% of waste created during construction from the landfill.


99.29% of new equipment and appliances are ENERGY STAR rated.

Where we stand on sustainability

Our commitment

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at our mission or our job descriptions—it’s a core value. From our office space to our workplace culture, we embrace sustainability whenever and wherever possible.

Greening our Office

  • ACP is a 2014 ASAE/Green Seal Green Office Partner
  • Our Washington, D.C. office space is certified LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors and is located in an office building that is certified LEED Gold for Existing Buildings.
  • ACP’s office is powered by wind, and renewable energy credits (REC) offset 100% of electricity use.
  • We provide a composting option in our staff kitchen and paper towels in bathrooms. Additionally, we have eliminated disposable kitchenware and K-Cups, and all coffee waste is composted.
  • We encourage sustainability among our employees through annual staff challenges and green printing policies, carbon offsets for staff travel, and an e-waste recycling program.
  • ACP includes sustainability language in our official procurement policy.

Hosting Sustainable Events

  • All ACP events are 100% clean energy-powered, with energy consumption offset by RECs.
  • ACP has an event sustainability policy in place requiring the purchase of RECs to be included in contracts for future ACP event venues.
  • We are phasing out printed programs, dramatically reducing pages printed, and using a carbon-neutral printer to produce programs made with 100% recycled content paper and vegetable inks.
  • ACP maintains a green procurement policy for all promotional products.

Educating Employees on Sustainability

  • ACP provides meatless “lunch and learns”—often featuring special guests—to promote sustainable behaviors among our staff.
  • We offer film showings to provide additional education on sustainability themes.
  • ACP organizes two volunteer work days per year with local, D.C.-based organizations to promote sustainability.
  • Our annual Bring Your Child to Work Day helps educate the next generation on the importance of clean energy and sustainability.
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