Our Policy Priorities


We are uniting companies from across the clean power sector to support policies that will remove barriers and accelerate growth in America’s  renewable energy industry.



This first-of-its-kind study details clean energy’s potential to unlock economic growth and achieve majority renewable electricity generation within the next decade.

Removing barriers to clean power

Trade, labor, and economic development

Keep US clean power cost competitive, while creating high-paying jobs

Transmission and infrastructure

Deliver the clean, reliable power that customers want, at the lowest cost

Siting and permitting

Ensure permitting timelines that allow us to hit decarbonization timelines while being good stewards of our communities and environment

Accelerating growth of clean power

Tax, finance, and markets

Meet the demand for clean power, while creating a level playing field in energy

Clean energy targets

Make tangible progress towards reducing pollution while boosting the economy

Workforce development

Fulfill the need for a diverse and qualified workforce reflecting the makeup of our nation and communities

Working together, we can rebuild our economy and address climate change.

Our policy priorities are aimed at transforming how energy is produced and used in the United States.

The American Clean Power Association works to champion policies that will transform the U.S. power grid to a low-cost, reliable, and renewable power system.

  • Expand demand for renewable energy technologies at a national, regional, and state level.
  • Remove barriers of entry through regulatory, permitting, and siting reforms.
  • Establish long-term market certainty to ensure increased investment and manufacturing of renewable energy technologies.
  • Invest in a national electric grid that is reliable, secure, clean, and designed for a renewable future.
  • Develop a robust, stable, and diverse renewable energy workforce.
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